Untamed Spirit
 Around the World on a Motorcycle
2001 to 2004

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Welcome to my page. I have a passion to travel and see as much of the world as I can in this lifetime. Here I will share my stories about my journey around the world on my trusty Honda Magna. On August 4, 2001 I set out from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a goal to make it around the globe. Almost three years later I completed my journey after visiting 44 countries on six continents. Yes, my Magna came with me all the way.

I diligently journaled my experiences as I travelled and when I returned, wrote two books telling my story. You will find links on these pages to read some previews and place book orders.


Doris Maron


 Untamed Spirit
 Around the World
 on a Motorcycle


Untamed Spirit
Living a Dream

Copies of Original Print
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Untamed Spirit
Around the World on a

Untamed Spirit II
Living a Dream

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