About IVF Cost

It is estimated that more than 85,000 women in US undergo in vitro fertilization annually. As far as the IVF cost is concerned, the average cost comes to around $12,400 per cycle though the cost varies from $ 8000-$15,000 per cycle. It is important to mention here that IVF cost is based on a cycle.

Various processes form part of one cycle including monitoring of the monthly reproductive cycle of the patient, administration of drugs, harvesting and fertilization of eggs, and implanting of embryo in the uterus among some other things. As per the data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the success rate for in vitro fertilization is around 37.3% for women under the age of 35, and 10.6% for women above the age of 41. In other words, a single cycle does not always result in a live birth and, couples usually have to go for multiple cycles which ultimately add to the cost.

When you are searching for the financial details of this treatment, you need to account for the medications, monitoring as well as the actual process of in vitro fertilization. In simple words, it can also be said that a couple may have to spend over $33,000 if they go through three cycles.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there are ways to pay less for this treatment as there is bulk IVF as well as a refund programs available today. Most insurance companies do not provide cover for in vitro fertilization treatment but a part of the expenses may be covered. Therefore, you should check with your insurance provider if you are unable to afford IVF on your own.

You should also shop around when you are looking at IVF treatment. Do not forget to take into account the cost as well as quality of the clinic. Also, it is important that you ask the clinic for a full quote including monitoring, medications and all the other processes involved in this treatment.

When you get a quote from a clinic, ask them whether the quote includes all the pretreatment testing as well as consultations, blood work, ultrasound monitoring, mock embryo transfer, pregnancy testing, cryopreservation for extra embryos, fertility drugs, yearly storage fees for the frozen embryos as well as other reproductive technologies that may be needed such as testicular sperm extraction, assisted hatching, PGD and others. You also need to take into account the travel, hotel as well as other such costs into account to arrive at the total cost of this treatment.

There is also mini in vitro fertilization treatment. It can save you around $5000 but it’s better suited for couples who are trying IUI treatment. In other words, it’s not for everyone. The biggest advantage of mini in vitro fertilization treatment is that it is less likely to result in multiple pregnancies as compared to IUI. However, the success rates for this treatment are not yet clear.

Many fertility clinics also offer a variety of payment programs to make this treatment more affordable for couples. Therefore, you should talk to your clinic about various options before looking for other treatment