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Why You Should Go For Early Pregnancy Scan

Pregnancy is an exciting period, especially for expectant mums who will deliver their child for the first time. It is basically filled a myriad of questions as well as underlying concerns.What will my baby look like? Will the pregnancy go on smoothly? These are only some of the queries that first-timers usually ask. Thanks to technological advancements like pregnancy scans, the said questions can be answered in time.

early pregnancy scan

There’s dependably concern included when a lady is pregnant. We never know whether our child will be flawless with five fingers on every hand, five toes on every foot, two eyes, a nose, a mouth: at the end of the day, we never know whether our child will be impeccable when conceived. In case you’re ordinary, you’re concerned and will attempt to do everything without exception to ensure the wellbeing and health of your child. Yet, instability waits until the day your child is conceived. Notwithstanding, today, there is an approach to see and know ahead of time if your child is sound or has any problems you ought to be worried about. A pregnancy sweep can be performed at diverse stages to see what may be happening inside your uterus.
Doctors perform scans like early pregnancy Leeds during the first trimester between 7 to 12 weeks of the gestation period for several reasons including confirmation of the pregnancy and EDD (estimated date of delivery), to know the heartbeat of the unborn baby, multiple deliveries etc. Women who experience complications in the pregnancy like bleeding may also have an early pregnancy scan. There are several other reasons for this scan including:
The danger of Down Syndrome – Women who are above 30 years are encouraged more to have an ultrasound or blood test to compute the danger of Down Syndrome in the embryo. Parents whose siblings or children have down syndrome should definitely go for the scan.

Family Genetic Disorder History – If your family has any hereditary problem, then pregnant women are advised to go for a scan of early pregnancy Leeds to know whether the unborn baby is also suffering from the hereditary problem or not.

Problem Pregnancy Diagnosis – Some pregnancies may be at higher risk, and the doctor may advise considering suspending the pregnancy. Early pregnancy scan can help to know the pregnancies with greater complications.

early pregnancy scan

If it is your first pregnancy, then you may feel nervous about what to expect in a clinic for an early pregnancy scan. Relax, you need not worry as this baby scan is a non-surgical process that will take less than 30 minutes in execution. You will be required to complete a booking form first, and wait for the sonographer to conduct the scan. Basically, there are two types of early pregnancy scans i.e. an abdominal and a transvaginal scan.

Abdominal Scan- It is conducted by moving a transducer onto the abdomen of the expecting woman. A lubricating gel is applied first on the abdomen to facilitate the scan. The process of abdominal scan is non- invasive and do not cause any pain to the patient.The imaging specialist will perform a laparoscopy for the child’s heartbeat, assess the number of pregnancies, and confirm the expected due date. It may even scan through the vagina for clearer images. He explained the whole procedure to the patient and would do it after her consent. The professional calculates the expected maturity date by measuring the distance from the child’s head (crown) to the bottom of the body

Transvaginal Ultrasound- This scan can detect earlier pregnancies and involves the insertion of a probe into the vagina. It can give a clearer and better view. If a sonographer feels the need for a TVS scan, he will discuss the procedure with you and your permission sought. Similar to abdominal ultrasound, a TVS is also painless, but it may be a little uncomfortable or embarrassing for you.

The images produced by the early pregnancy Leeds are captured on the monitor. At this stage of pregnancy, it may be difficult for you to make out what you are looking at the screen, but usually, the sonographer will explain what you are looking at.

So, consult a reputed clinic that can make your visit relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable. It is vital for every woman to undergo this scan so as to know the complications of the pregnancy and health status of the unborn baby. Many clinics in Leeds can provide scanning services. All you have to do is to hire the best one and schedule a prior appointment for the early pregnancy scan.