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What you Need to know about LASIK Chicago

Cutting edge technology allows those suffering from poor eyesight to find help at one of the many centers for Lasik Chicago. Much like corrective lenses, LASIK addresses nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The concept has been greatly improved since it first made an appearance in the mid-90’s and today it is the most popular elective procedure in the world.

Visit your nearest center for LASIK Chicago, to find out if your sight can be remedied with this procedure.
What will a LASIK procedure be like?
The procedure will performed by a surgeon trained in ophthalmic surgery, also known as a LASIK surgeon. Using a LASIK laser, called an “excimer” the surgeon will attempt to reshape the cornea. After a successful procedure patients will no longer need corrective lenses either glasses or contact.
A patient will typically have the procedure done on both eyes during a single procedure and still be well enough to return to work the following day, sometimes two days after. Vision is noticeably improved after the procedure though it may continue to improve for the following year.

Who is Eligible for LASIK Surgery?
Candidacy for LASIK surgery is minimal and most of the adult population can expect positive results from this procedure. Following are some of the common traits of the perfect candidate. Your expert in LASIK Chicago will provide you with details on the specifics of your situation.
Aged 18 or older (So that prescription medication can be stabilized)
Have typical vision problems – nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism
Good level of physical health
Preference to not wearing corrective lenses
Furthermore, there are various other requirements that a professional surgeon will be able to describe better in person. Thes e have to do with conditions of cornea strength and sufficient productions of tears. A professional consultation will determine if the conditions of the eye are suitable for LASIK Surgery.

Is LASIK Surgery Dangerous?
There have been significant advances in the technology that drives LASIK surgery over the past few decades. Much of the bad publicity that has surrounded this procedure has to do with inexperienced surgeons and rudimentary excimer during the early years of this procedures history.
After surgery is completed there will be a period of about a week where steroid and antibiotic eye drops will need to applied. During this time it is normal to experience some sensitivity to light. Some have also experienced dry eyes and night halos. Even still the most common reactions to the surgery are positive.

If you are considering getting this corrective procedure performed on your eyes, it would be a good idea to investigate the history of any surgeon you are considering. Checking reviews and asking for referral would be the best way to begin finding the best LASIK Chicago can offer.
Is LASIK Right for ME?
This question can only be answered so far in a article. If you are of good health and only need correction for one of the typical sys conditions, there is a good chance you will make a good candidate. The only way to know for sure will be having your condition examined by a professional.